Wednesday, January 9, 2019

LT Tourism Made Waves in 2018

La Trinidad's Strawberry Festival gained a Citation as one of the Top Finalists for Best Tourism Event (Festivals category) in the whole country during this year's (2018) ATOP - DOT Pearl Awards (despite responding to the invitation for the first time). The awards event, which aims to recognize tourism best practices, was participated in by more than a hundred LGUs and Tourism Establishments in the country.                               

Similarly in a recognition by the Department of Tourism - Cordillera Administrative Region last December 2018, La Trinidad was also recognized for its tourism orientation and laudable support to the region's tourism industry!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Strawberry Festival 2018

The Municipality of La Trinidad once again celebrated its month-long Strawberry Festival with the theme: “La Trinidad’s Strawberries Forever…” this March 2018.

Even before La Trinidad ever became the Strawberry and Cutflower Capital of the Philippines, it has already carved its niche as the Salad Bowl of the Philippines. The town was already known for producing such well-known and in-demand vegetables.

      The diversification into strawberry and cutflower production was prompted, in part, by competition from neighbouring towns which went into mass vegetable production. Primarily, farmers were looking for a more income-generating product that would be suitable and unique to the town, thereby curbing competition.

      Strawberry production in La Trinidad is not as new as we think. It was initiated in the early years of 1900 by the Americans who established an Agricultural School in 1916 and who found the climate and fertile soil suitable to strawberry growing. As the years went by, through various studies and technology transfer, strawberry varieties were introduced to local farmers : Tioga, Toyonaka, Haronaka and Sweet Charlie.

The Valley’s Strawberry Festival celebrations evolved from a simple Town Fiesta in 1981, honoring its patron saint, Saint Joseph. It has undergone innovations throughout the years: changes in name – like ‘Panaspulan’; expansion of activities; and the enactment of a Strawberry Festival Ordinance in 2011.

Although it has undergone changes, the aims of the Festival are essentially the same: to showcase the strawberry as our One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) and to foster and rekindle ties between and among local and foreign folks alike. It is also an avenue to promote, not only La Trinidad Strawberries, but also the town’s many other products, while celebrating the town’s cultural diversity and richness.

Here are some pictures of the celebrations:

Opening and Ecumenical Service

 Battle of the Bands

Duting tan Dukto and Fun Run

Job Fair

Biggest and Sweetest Strawberry

Art and Mural Competition

Strawberry Mass Wedding

Mr. and Ms. La Trinidad

Civic Parade

Main Program and Multi Cultural Celebration

Street Dance, Drum and Lyre, and Float Parade

Strawberry Wine Fair

Dongba ni Kabajo

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2nd La Trinidad Tourism Conference 2017

As an avenue to be abreast with the latest development in La Trinidad Tourism, as well as to enjoy the gems of the town by organizing community activities,the 2nd La Trinidad Tourism Conference will be held at the beautiful Mt. Kalugong Eco Park, La Trinidad, Benguet. Interested participants may register at the Mayor's office, or on-Site during the day with a fee of only 100 pesos (collected as entrance fee by the Mt. Kalugong owners).

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Benguet Agri-Tourism and Cultural Village

There is a new tourism spot in La Trinidad and it is likely one of the the best tourism project for Benguet!

In a series of meetings by Municipal Tourism Officers and Municipal Agriculturists by the Provincial Government, the Benguet Agri-Tourism and Cultural Village was approved, and was launched last February 18, 2017. It was graced by no less than the Department of Tourism – Cordillera Administrative Region Director, Ms. Marie Venus Quinto-Tan.

The village was designed to be a show window of the 13 Benguet municipalities of their tourism assets which includes their Agri-produce (which Benguet is known for). The organizer also intends to take advantage of the influx of tourists who are visiting the Strawberry Farms, which is the most established tourist site in La Trinidad.

A Benguet Agri-Tourism and Cultural Tour Circuit was also proposed featuring the Strawberry Farms, visit to Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Facility, a learning tour at the Benguet Agri-Tourism and Cultural Village, and Dining at the Marosan Viewdeck to encourage tourists to use the Longlong road when going back to Baguio City.

Foreign Tourists hanging around the landscaped areas.

DOT Director Marie Venus Tan with La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda

The Municipalities are also scheduled to host activities to boost visits in the village. Here is the schedule:

Kalajo! (Come!) here in our Village!